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Kitowares Jag

Kitowares is a renowned brand in the streetwear and underground fashion space lauded by publications such as NiceKicks, British GQ, Complex, and Hypebeast.


Scalesocial developed and executed the marketing campaign for the Kitowares “Jag Foams” sneaker. Through innovative ad content, audience targeting, and strategy execution, the sneaker campaign attained worldwide recognition and became a success on all metrics.

Key results

  • 500,000+ Instagram likes on campaign.
  • 25,000,000+ campaign impressions.
  • 20,000+ pairs of sneakers sold “Jaguar Foams”. ($98).

Ad Campaigns

As a part of the content creation strategy, we developed a multitude of creative graphics showcasing the campaign product in an assortment of settings. These included high-quality 2D/3D graphics and video content, innovative product display, and influencer photoshoots designed to target social proof.

With the created content, we developed a wide range of ads with various combinations of text, content, and call-to-action initiatives. The ads were correspondingly designed to the platform they were intended for - with a spread across Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, and News Media.

Ad Management

Through data-driven analysis and research, we curated an optimized audience targeting strategy to execute from. We performed thorough ad testing to determine the ideal distribution of ad budget across the best performing ads, ensuring optimal budget spend.

Campaign Results

The Kitowares “Jag Foams” campaign was a remarkable success, with over 25,000,000 campaign impressions, 500,000+ Instagram campaign likes, improved brand awareness, and social proof. The campaign resulted in over 20,000 pairs of sneakers sold.

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